Episode 100 - "Long time listener, first time caller"

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A very centennial episode in which we unearth buried treasure, get to the bottom of ‘the story fake out’ and attempt the prank of the century.


  • Bunny & Sparkles leave the building.
  • We take the glossary quiz and reminisce about ‘lies of convenience’ and Living with Brad.
  • We chat to Charlotte about her buried treasure.
  • Ranger Vicki teaches us about a crime busting parrot.
  • Craig’s Segment keeps us informed of the latest in duck based party games.
  • We continue the glossary quiz as we discuss 'dibs anarchy' and Ben’s preferred standing position.
  • What’s My Story takes us down the road of all things genitalia and impressive crime sprees.
  • We chat to Kirsty and finally get to the bottom of ‘the story fake out’.
  • We chat to Mason and play Smith, Smith, Smith or The Smiths.
  • We plug our iPhones into Cyborg as we reevaluate the Justice League.
  • We chat to Curt about the recent proliferation of Drazic Park tee’s.
  • We return to Syn City with ‘A long awaited proposal.’
  • We shoot a few criminals into the sun as we revisit One Cheese Hill.
  • Rodney takes issue with the lack of criminals being caught on The Killing.
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Ben & Vicki Our first Rambloversary Episode 100 Episode 100 Episode 100 Episode 100
Our early solution to a lack of a microphone stand
Our first rambloversary celebration
Celebrating episode 100 in style
Kuzya the crime fighting parrot and Gennadi, the guy he hangs out with
Zoe Stavri's completely normal and not weird at all, sourdough bread
Mason declares a thumb war
Episode 100 Cyborg Cyborg Cyborg Cyborg  
Vicki's thumb war retaliation The human iPod dock: Cyborg Ben's Drazic Park tee Verity Slade's take on Drazic Park Nick Mac Design doing Drazic