Episode 111 - "FAQ&A"

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A very probing episode in which we answer the listeners frequently asked questions, solve the prison problem and waste money on a soundboard.


  • We attempt to use Benís fancy sheets to escape prison and issue all inmates morphsuits.
  • We spend 60 days in jail, learning to whittle, smoking the crack stick and planning to shank Robert.
  • Benís purchase of the Annoying Box iPhone app inspires a new Batman villain.
  • Vicki rejoins Tinder to broaden her horizons before discovering her horizons were already the right size.
  • The girl Ben met at the wedding, saunters out of his mind.
  • Vicki has repressed all memory of washing her dishes in the ocean but finally admits itís weird.
  • Ben is surrounded by Coke dealers, trying to feed his addiction.
  • Vicki faints in the shower and we advise a never-nude.
  • We go on a neighbourhood watch and envision a life of creative writing for the guy across the street.
  • Ben gets his mechanic to pull a random wire out of his car.
  • Vicki goes toe to toe with her light switch and a vending machine.
  • Kirsty goes on a date with a Snapchatting pro.
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Strega Nona 60 Days In: Flag 60 Days In: Robert If You Are The One Vending Machine  
An artistic representation of Vicki wrapped in Ben's sheets
Either a foot stomping on the flag or the inside of a kaleidoscope
Robert from 60 Days In or Batman's Joker
If You Are The One brings brutal honesty to the dating scene
Vicki's nemesis, the vending machine