Episode 128 - "Why? Dubai!"

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A very postprandial episode in which we set the VCR for Stingers, go fishing with Wolverine and journey to Dubai to pick up a mysterious briefcase.


  • We get Gizmo wet after midnight and create a super gremlin.
  • Ben misses the season finale of Sliders and forever regrets it.
  • Ben takes the contestants of Red Faces to task twenty years later.
  • Vicki wastes her childhood setting the VCR for Stingers.
  • The Atari Lynx and G-Codes change our lives – despite impacting no one else’s.
  • Clark Kent talks us off a ledge as we enter ‘The Interesting Thought Corner’.
  • We compete in a fictional advertising campaign competition.
  • Ben gets to the bottom of the saga of his fathers briefcase.
  • Ben accumulates a lot of big spoons.
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Bella Goth Karate Kid 3 bullies Janet Jackson Superman Superman See You in the N.T    
Bella Goth, Vicki's best friend
Karate Kid III doing 80s' bullying right
Let's watch that VHS of Janet Jackson dancing on an airplane!
Good Guy Superman
A fisheye view of Vicki's bicep
The best ad since Ben's Guns N' Roses campaign