Episode 132 - "I Didnít Kill Your Dog"

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A very forgiving episode in which Ben kills Vickiís dog, Vickiís mum abuses her Roomba and we yell at some eBay customers.


  • Ben kills Vickiís dog.
  • Vickiís mum hoards clothes and dog bowls (but definitely not newspapers).
  • Benís leather jacket disintegrates on him.
  • Vicki voices her daily regret for the skirt she didnít buy, seven years ago.
  • Ben feels sorry for a neglected vacuum cleaner.
  • Vickiís childhood home was haunted and had way too many showers.
  • We analyse the floor plans for Benís dads Fijian party house.
  • Ben yells at a bunch of dumb eBay customers.
  • We celebrate our insanniversary by playing the under/over game.
  • Rodney gets deep about 13 Reasons Why.
  • We provide an update on The Peoples Eyebrow and placebo buttons.
  • Vicki got back.
  • Benís sister moves to Italy where she will never see Ben again.
  • The Kirsty Experiment returns with the story of Luigi.
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Scamper Vicki's Dream Man        
The ever ferocious Scamper Smith
The hideous chimera that is Vicki's dream man