Episode 137 - "I Get Pretty Thirsty"

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A very futuristic episode in which Vicki wants everyone to lay off the future, we drink Alex Mack and Vicki gets pretty thirsty.


  • Ben does some birthday shout outs.
  • The citizens of Centralia, Pennsylvania search for the heaviest, sluttiest woman amongst them.
  • Aliens enslave humanity and force us to become jesters or gladiators.
  • Vicki wants everyone to lay off the future.
  • Ben enlists the help of a giant gummy python to celebrate his 30th.
  • We drink Alex Mack’s milk.
  • Ben might be celebrating Festivus.
  • We advise the cast of The Bachelorette to keep an eye on the Tickle Monster.
  • Vicki wants to spend a day with left shark.
  • Vicki discovers she knows way too much about New York crime in the eighties.
  • We reminisce about all our time greatest trampoline injuries.
  • Vicki gets pretty thirsty in the new segment, You Autocomplete Me.
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Hoverboard Hoverboard Alex Mack Left shark Vicki's light  
Marty McFly's traditional 'hovering' hoverboard
2017's more grounded hoverboard
Milk thief Alex Mack
Vicki's new best friend, left shark
In case of victory, smash light