Episode 150 - "I Hate This Art"

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A very reflective episode in which Vicki refuses to take a stance on what constitutes art, Ben accumulates a terrible DVD collection and we revisit some of our earliest podcast segments.


  • We break The Propshowsal with an air horn.
  • We discuss whether people like clip shows and Vicki pitches an animation experiment.
  • Vicki ponders what constitutes art. Ben quickly defines it.
  • Ben counts his ever-growing collection of Paint Your Wagon and Cruel Intentions 3 DVDs.
  • Ben clarifies what makes a good musical and has a fascination for freak shows.
  • We scour Hugh Jackman’s trophy cabinet and discuss having kids to see what they’d look like.
  • We revisit some of our earliest podcast segments, including; tootiquette, bed bagsing and the rules of dibs.
  • Kirsty’s latest experiment finds her embroiled in the mafia.
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Dinosaur Comics The Endless Eight Twist Tie Pony1 Twist Tie Pony2 Rabbit in a Snowstorm
Dinosaur comics. New hats not pictured.

The Endless Eight, giving insight into the monotany of time loops.

Vicki's art.
Not in a gallery near you.
Art critic Kingpin and Rabbit in a Snowstorm