Episode 152 - "Body Flossed"

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A very delicious episode in which our neighbours form a pubic lineup, Vicki defies doctors’ orders and Ben is disappointed in the standard of birthday presents.


  • Ben requests a recap of his lengthy dinner order.
  • We chime in on the pineapple on pizza debate and enter the high stakes arena of ordering pizza for a group.
  • We identify Ben’s neighbours in a pubic lineup.
  • Vicki gets a full body floss and defies doctors’ orders.
  • Ben has the worst lunch ever.
  • We ponder the definition of a three-course meal.
  • Ben is a low maintenance friend and Vicki is worried about overwatering him.
  • Ben is disappointed in the low standard of birthday presents as an adult.
  • We discuss how old we feel and Ally McBeal turning thirty.
  • We talk filler phrases and ask, ‘What else is new?’
  • Ben takes umbrage with the button pushers running the Winter Olympics app.
  • Ben questions what it takes to make an award-winning salt.
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Award Winning Salt        
First place at the 'Salty's' five years running.