Episode 18 - "I made out with my cousin" - The one year anniversary special

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A very anniversary episode in which we celebrate the history of our podcast by banning listeners hairier than a werewolf, listening to clips of our favourite memories and chatting to a few of our most memorable contributors.


  • We kick off The Rambloversary by banning Barry from our new Facebook group.
  • The dating sorting hat matches us with some wild animals.
  • Ray Meagher is funny but spells his name stupidly.
  • We reminisce about how the show began.
  • We celebrate our favourite wizard related Craig's segment and make out with cousins in an all new Craig's.
  • Glossary quiz part 1: Tired lepers, bird war movies, firemen jogging and fish stealers.
  • We remember when Ben almost died by choking on a killer python.
  • We remember when Vicki almost died by eating a spider.
  • Anniversary Vicki tells us about a fish that can give us a high give without making a 'fish fingers' joke.
  • Glossary quiz part 2: Windscreen wiper conformity, tootiquette and Brownie McFadden.
  • We do some investigative journalism on the 'Great Bean Heist of 2010' and the $5 hush money scam.
  • We uncover some long lost segments: "One of them is quite disgusting and one of them I think is racist."
  • We make another obscure Cop Rock sighting.
  • We reminisce about the origins of the name 'Insane Ramblings' and why we wouldn't date someone with the same name as a family member.
  • We chat to Natasha and discover the secret of 'One eyed Ben the digusting pirate'.
  • Vicki is obsessed with some guy's mum.
  • Vicki is sick of being the 'ask-o' and wants to trick some guy into dating her.
  • Glossary quiz part 3: The understanding girlfriend approach, paper-cut proof suits, meaty flavoured love and claiming underwear after swimming day.
  • We reflect on 'I knew I shouldn't have had that unprotected Super Poke' and the rest of the episode titles that didn't quite make it.
  • Glossary quiz part 4: The pop in, season regular's, ladies sharks and the puppy saddle 3000.
  • PTWSIG: We discover what Superintendent Chalmers is Googling.
  • We invent a new lozenge that inflames your throat: "There's no other lozenge exactly like it!"
  • The VHS borrowers at Vicki's video store are all secretly borrowing porn.
  • Hamish Blake's new girl is only dating him contractually.
  • We get enraged about dating people above their level and play the 'fat wallet, hot girlfriend' game.
  • Ben finally notices the bear rampaging through the office.
  • We send off the show with some parting words from the 'hottest anxty chicks you know' to ponder during the week.
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Ben and Vicki
Bert and Ray World's Hairest Man Hand Fish Community Wipeout

The rambloversary party

The world's hariest man does not pass our 'hairier than a werewolf' rule.
The year of JJ