Episode 23 - "Damn herpes parrot, always ruining my game!"

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A very romantic episode in which we get Jersey Shore style nicknames, reminisce about the lost episode of Insane Ramblings and forget our parrots name.
Recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists.


  • We use the Jersey Shore nickname generator, iPhone app to create our new identities: Cagefighter and Juicebox.
  • Prospector George introduces Kyle and Jacki O's Hour of Power.
  • Message in a timewarp: Brendan is added to the guest's page. He comes with a ten year money back guarantee and several repressed memories.
  • Ranger Peter goes on a killing spree of everyone who at the monkey cake at Ben's party.
  • We uncover the 'nine out of ten dentists' conspiracy.
  • Our 1930's gangster GPS leads us to another bank vault.
  • Vicki takes on the 'sneeze perch' position.
  • Carcast: We deplete Melbourne's Crunchie supply.
  • Carcast: We stare into the face of death. The results are hysterical laughter and Harry Potter style magic.
  • Carcast: Ben and Natasha sleep with a parrot called Mr Herpes and Ben dreams of his soulmate. Himself.
  • Carcast: We discover snowchains are to be used in the snow and Brendan has mad ventriloquism skills.
  • Carcast: Fake blood makes Ben look like he has herpes and Vicki talks to overly friendly coffee guy.
  • Celebrity heads gets interrupted by a near podcast breaking event.
  • Ranger Vicki: Gay penguins get loved up and eat spring fish.
  • Craigs Segment: Beautiful buns, unattractive technicians and possibly more gay penguins.
  • Vicki's hypothetical's: Alice in Chains, broken collar bones, The Dark Crystal, puppet masturbation and David Bowie.
  • Vicki gets bitten by repeato-mosquitos.
  • We start our new pundemonium campaign against crap puns and get our daily dose of fish related humour.
  • Why mushroom's aren't the great all rounder!
  • We purchase some dibs and then flip em to make some money.
  • Vicki gets caught singing about your body and it's awkward.
  • We now have an unofficial tweeter, Ren Samson.
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Ben and Renee's Monkey Cake
Ben and Renee's Monkey Cake2 Jub Jub Gay Penguins The Dark Crystal Dark Crystal Puppets

We were eating monkeys before it was cool

Amazingly this photo was taken at the pre-party
Jub Jub. Most people's first guess when playing celebrity heads.