Episode 45 - "Mon dieu! Monsieur Mepubes is in the nude!"

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A very emotional episode in which we attempt to talk about the two times Ben has cried, discuss our French Canadian boyfriend Monsieur Russel Mepubes and play ‘What’s Alex Doing?’


  • We attempt to talk about the two times Ben has cried and instead give each other the silent treatment in Fiji
  • Vicki gets very immature when visiting the famous Mepubes Avenue
  • Our Canadian girlfriend leaves us for poutine and maple syrup
  • Six cops pull Vicki over and she eloquently talks her way out of the situation
  • Vicki abuses a bartender and almost passes out impersonating Canadians
  • Ben owes Vicki a girlfriend and Ben isnít good enough for Vickiís new friends
  • Facebook makes it easier to stalk our favourites friends and offend our second tier
  • Vicki declares Alex her favourite ex-boyfriend so we call him to congratulate him and finally play the game ĎWhatís Alex Doing?í
  • Ben celebrated the end of an era when Vicki and Alex broke up
  • We finally reveal the two saddest moments of Benís life
  • We discuss if girls are turned off by Old Cotton Bladder