Episode 55 - "Nu Diggs"

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A very impromptu episode in which Moses drops his Etch A Sketch, we send a Tasmanian Tiger to a Saturday morning cartoon show and talk street to impress girls.


  • Moses drops his Etch A Sketch and makes up a few new commandments.
  • We send Saturday Disney the last Tasmanian Tiger in an attempt to win a pager.
  • An international jewel thief lands Ben in hot water.
  • Vicki scares off a guy for funsies.
  • DJ Nu Diggs swears out of nervousness.
  • Ben is baffled by his familiesí preoccupation with star signs.
  • Ben dates a girl with rats and giant Sea-Monkeys.
  • Our friends are breeding a race of orangutan-rats that will surely enslave us all.
  • We predict that the success of Under The Dome will lead to every show being under a dome next year.
  • The Comedy Vader drops by for an impromptu stand up routine.
  • We attempt to decipher whether or not we should pay the piper or the ferryman.
  • We join the crusade to bring back A*mazing and Vicki has Spartan blood cells.
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Tasmanian Tiger Ernest Shackleton        
Saturday Disney's second favourite Tasmanian
Don't steal Ernest Shackleton's fingers