Episode 65 - "Crumpet Scramble"

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A very traumatic episode in which we possess a game of Boggle, Vicki gets thawed out and we make a plea to Miranda Kerr.


  • We possess a game of Boggle from beyond the grave
  • Vicki gets dumped, frozen out and then rapid thawed
  • We play a game of Ramblings or Wiggum
  • We catfish Casey Donovan out of her cash
  • We beg Miranda Kerr to take a break from posting topless photos to contact her family
  • Ben and his sister both bring home Hunger Games stars to the family
  • We fear a home invasion from the Perth plastic surgery twins
  • We get a call from Orlando Bloom’s Bad News Service
  • We take a trip to One Cheese Hill and bath in holy water
  • Vicki dreams of pirates and rockstar chickens
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cutiegirlalpha Perth twins Strangers      
Don't make friends with cutiegirlalpha
Either The Strangers or the Perth twins again