Episode 83 - "Cute girls and free will"

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A very patriotic episode in which we discover Joss, bottle up our feelings and avoid Vickiís haunted closet.


  • We evaluate the best holidays and think of the poor.
  • We celebrate Australia Day by pounding Cambodian energy powder.
  • We analyse the evolution of some of our best stories.
  • We bottle up our feelings, claim we canít go on and then manage to go on.
  • We tell ghost stories of haunted lamps, sprints to the bathroom and weird closets.
  • Ben celebrates his new favourite listener who helped him prove a point.
  • Ben discovers his affinity for onesies and Vicki is comforted by a man with a keytar in the latest neighbour update.
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Joss Vicki's Onesie Vicki's Lamp1 Vicki's Lamp2    
Our new Australia Day tradition
One of Vicki's many onesie's
Vicki's failed attempt at photographing her haunted lamp
A (slightly) more successful haunted lamp photo