Episode 84 - "BT Dubs"

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A very fresh episode in which we predict the future of the beauty industry, put Vicki’s new mouthwash to the test and champion cross-dressing in professional tennis.


  • Vicki correctly uses the term ‘exeunt’ but doesn’t know the definition of ‘outro’.
  • Vicki wears slutty lipstick and yells at an old man in the supermarket.
  • Our attempt to determine the perfect hairstyle, leads us to predict the beauty industries dystopian future.
  • We take another peak into our neighbours’ lives and uncover the identity of The Stig.
  • Ben evaluates Vicki’s claim that her new Colgate Ice mouthwash is too minty.
  • We analyse some song lyrics and go H.A.M on Chris Brown.
  • Ben has a radical new idea that could change the game of tennis.
  • Ben and Julian trick Brendan into believing he stayed up all night eating 56 slices of American cheese.
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Lipstick Johnny Depp Left Shark Oilet    
Vicki's slutty empowering lipstick
Johnny Depp's timeless taste in fashion
Left Shark: The true star of the Superbowl