Day One - "Don't paint it on the Moon"

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On our first day of breakfast radio we muse about Ben’s Ian Somerhalder fansite, discover that Vicki would be deadweight on Frodo’s fellowship and investigate Disney’s fascination with mops.


  • We hold a battle of the bands between Vicki and the Absolute Nobodies and Benny and the Smiths.
  • Ben rants about the fact that he got up at 4am to broadcast to nobody.
  • Sexcurity deny the group access to the studio.
  • We distract some break dancing criminals with Hot Cops until the real police arrive.
  • We devise some alternate means of communicating with us while the text lines are down.
  • We attempt to drill our newest co-host for infor-mason…and get distracted by Creed.
  • We ponder the lyrics to Humpty Dumpty and its trance song counterpart.
  • We play One, True, Three to get to know one another.
  • We miss our poop schedule and narrowly avoid assassination.
  • Vicki and Mason have adopted Ben’s (already stolen) catchphrase.
  • Obama refuses to build a Death Star and we paint the moon.
  • We give up stalking, reading and biting our nails in hope of finding a partner.
  • We invent the sport of gridiron commuting.
  • An airplane passenger takes a stand against the $10 sandwich prices and causes the pilot to turn the plane around.