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Ben and Vicki provide all the hilarity themselves right? Right! But as a favour, on occassion they let others hang out in their presense to bask in their glory. These are some such people.

Name Mason Smith
Also known as: Mase, Masedawg, Majon, Prince Charming, Fresh Prince Charming, Box Head, Brick Wall, Hot Air Balloon
Likes: Kittens, Skyrim, sacrificing money to the Insano gods.
Dislikes: Australian hip hop, poor grammar, shoes.
Special Skills: Button pushing
Relationship to Ben: Ex cousin-in-law
Relationship to Vicki: Fraternal siblings and active members of the Irish Appreciation Society
Episodes appeared in: Get Cereal - Day One, Get Cereal - Day Two, Get Cereal - Day Four, Get Cereal - Day Five, Propshowsal 19, Episode 73, Rerun 1, Episode 100


Name Alex Tan
Likes: Slurpees, T-Shirts, Slurpee T-Shirts and himself.
Dislikes: T-Shirt Slurpees and 'the man' keeping him down.
Fun fact: Has his own 'I ♥ Alex' fanclub and T-Shirt Blog
Favourite Saying: "Madness!"
Least favourite saying: "Oh werr, ma burr"
Relationship to Ben: Friend since junior school, bringer of Killer Pythons and food stealer.
Relationship to Vicki: Ex-boyfriend, current source of amusement/anger and food stealer.
Special Skills:


Episodes appeared in: Episode 10, Episode 45, In Colour - Episode 1, In Colour - Episode 2, In Colour - Episode 3, In Colour - Episode 4, In Colour - Episode 6
Name Kirsten Moore
Also known as: Kirsty, Kirst, K-Dizzle, 'Hey you', Ben's sister
Age: No one knows just how old she is but best guesses put her between 21 and 142 year old. Detractors of this theory (such as Kirsten herself) say this is nonsense and insist that she really is 21. But of course that’s what a 142 year old body snatcher would say.
Hobbies: Cooking, thievery & music.
Fun fact: Was too lazy to write her own biography.
Favourite things: Bert Newton, Fig Newton’s and brown paper packages tied up with string.
Website: Like poems about pie and puns like 'hot cross yum'? Then check out Kirsty's cooking blog.
Episodes appeared in: Episode 100, Episode 104, Episode 111, Episode 112, Episode 123, Episode 126, Episode 132, Episode 133, Episode 134, Episode 135, Episode 146, Episode 147, Episode 148, Episode 150, Rerun 10, Rerun 11, In Colour - Episode 2, In Colour - Episode 3, In Colour - Episode 4


Name Natasha Smith
Fun facts: Still doesnt really know her left form right but can break wood with her bare hands and feet (so dont mention the left and right thing).
Favourite things: The peach pie she had that time, winning doona wars, winter hugs, stealing food off Ben's plate and tea.
Least favourite things: Loosing doona wars, slow walkers and cum cookies.
Relationship to Ben: Girlfriend and personal food thief.
Relationship to Vicki: Good friend and partner in crime. What crime you ask?...That's none of your business.
Life goal: To have some more of that pie (one day) and to become a crazy academic.
Episodes appeared in: Episode 18, In Colour - Episode 3, In Colour - Episode 6



Brendan Nick

Fun fact: Pretends to be a teacher but really the kids teach him. Seriously, he now knows what comes after six!
Favourite things: Midnight snacks. Snacking. Snack related activities. Carbonara.
Motto: "Everything's better in a sandwich, or mixed through pasta"
Special skills: Baseball, writing, poker, inappropriate jokes and combinations of the above
Favourite memory: The time he was in China and he observed his buddy Simon's back getting licked.
Repressed memory: Five minutes later when the back licking incident aroused him so much that Brendan got involved...if you know what I mean. I'm talking about sexually.
Episodes appeared in: Episode 70, Episode 84, In Colour - Episode 2, In Colour - Episode 3, In Colour - Episode 6