Episode 8 - "Corporate gay"

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We propose that Ben needs a pouch, we play the intro to Heart Shaped Box a few too many times and talk to a sickly Sir Ian McKellen.


  • Vladimir Putin saves some orphans from a burning building
  • Ben proposes we need a type of bag that’s more sophisticated than a backpack but not quite a briefcase
  • We propose the most appropriate place to wait for someone in the bathroom is the FOPWP line
  • Ben proposes there should be a Southern Cross station reality show
  • Vicki recalls the time she was trapped in the high school media room and forced to listen to Build Me Up Buttercup on repeat all night
  • Syn City – Episode 8: Spooky propositions
  • Celebrity heads is unanimate
  • A sick Ian McKellen drops by the studio to propose to Ben
Track list
Stephen and the Colberts - Charlene (Right Behind You)
Garbage - #1 Crush
Radiohead - Creep
Smashing Pumpkins - Lily (My One And Only)
Sting & The Police - Every Breath You Take
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Vladimir Putin1
Vladimir Putin2      
Vladimir Putin doing some light Tomb Raiding
This photo was taken seconds before Putin saved the Earth from an asteroid