Episode 12

  • We finally achieve our goal of defeating the almighty (and musical) Cop Rock.
  • The man with two faces trades up.
  • Vicki dates the elephant man… for a price.
  • The 11 year old, egg eating YouTube crowd heckles Vicki.
  • Cosmopolitan determines several new nicknames for Ben: ‘The Crab’, ‘Cancer Guy’ and ‘The Ben’ are all acceptable.
  • Vicki’s horoscope recommends for her to pit panda’s and wolves against each other and crank her sexual zeal.
  • We lure hot girls in with our collective nakedness.
  • We pools our useless information that will one day help us win Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
  • We anticipate the arrival of Mass Effect 2 and its future blouse.
  • Ranger Vicki: That’s the second biggest monkey headed, giant corpse eating badger I’ve ever seen.
  • Double Craig’s segment: We sit on a creepy guys lap and topple the laughing wizard’s stack of cats.
  • Vicki feels non petrol buying guilt.
  • Vicki invents audio books. Several years too late.
  • Rodney goes fishing and gets into a car accident.
  • Vicki wishes for shoes and gets banned from hotels.
  • Homance Questions Part 1: ‘Where Has Papa Danced’ parties, xkcd, Dinosaur Comics and barracudas.
  • Psychic Vicki ends the show with words to live by: “The future blouse never comes, and that is where our hope lies. In always striving for a more futuristic blouse.”


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