Episode 19

  • We add Natasha to the guests section of the site and discuss her feelings on Santa impersonators.
  • Vicki arrives early to your house and just stares at you from outside.
  • If you get a call from Vicki, don’t be a Phone Ninja and answer too quickly.
  • Instant Creeps and what happens when you try to pick us up, outside of the designated hours.
  • Seven goats and a chicken: How much livestock are you worth?
  • Ben’s lies for picking up guys: “I accidentally ran through some sprinklers in my white tee-shirt. Tee hee!”
  • We discover Ben’s dad doesn’t have voice mail for fear of receiving annoying voice messages from Russel Brand.
  • We struggle to work out what our podcast is about and instead form The Massive Mascots Hour of Devour!
  • We investigate why infomercials about a leaky pen are much like killing an octopus – inky blood.
  • The Knights of the Round Table discuss battle tactics and feminine hygiene.
  • We discuss the boyfriend handbag bomb defusal analogy and Hugh Hefner dropping his Playboys.
  • Ben and Vicki go porching.
  • Ranger Vicki is hot for the page 3 pigeons.
  • Moody Facebook statuses vs the actual experience: “I think I worded that stupidly.”
  • Sporting Injuries 2: The constantly weeping skin goo.
  • Craigs Segment gets interrupted by an impromptu burning of decorative reeds: “What up neighbours!”
  • We discuss celebrity bowling experiences and Vicki ruins the punch line with her psychic abilities.
  • We play the Jerry Springer quiz and get married to our gay, vampire, pimps.
  • We collaborate with Sting on our first ever Message in a Time Warp segment.
  • Ben doesn’t go to an awesome party and discovers a lot can happen in five minutes.
  • Rohan discovers the meaning of inert, Steve discovers the meaning of felatio and we all learn a lesson.
  • PTWSIG: Wadrian makes his long awaited return.


Ben’s Snuggie commercial

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