Episode 21

  • We get the giggles after experiencing a pre-show ‘comedy fluffer’ (also known as a warm-up act).
  • We read the blogs of those who hate Marieke Hardy and Marcus Mumford’s third eyebrow.
  • We play the ‘Is it a date?’ game.
  • We launch our new reality TV spin-offs ‘The Amazing Bachelor’, ‘The Amazing Mole Race: On Ice’ and ‘Mole Island’.
  • Vicki swears on Cruel Intentions 3 that she’s not a liar.
  • Vicki gives Ben a ‘reverser gift’.
  • LoveBento.com.au is so yak and they heart us.
  • Ben isn’t Vicki’s funniest friend and we discover the classic camel movie Hawmps!
  • SMSiquette 101: The etiquette of the text message proposal, the goodnight message and replying to messages of hilarity.
  • Message in a time warp: Genitalia, doona tents and microwaves! Ooooh noo!
  • Craigs segment: Organs in the snow and high five diagrams.
  • We investigate the difference between sleep and a nap.
  • Vicki detours us and brings out her alter-ego, drunk Vicki: “You don’t love me!”
  • Ranger Vicki informs us of some dear deer running amuck.
  • “Oh my god, that person is walking a chicken!”
  • Vicki’s impression of Ben’s house is lowered by PedEgg ownership.
  • Vicki poses some moral dilemmas about dead parents and wizards.
  • PTWSIG leads us to question how to destroy angels, kiss compatibility and the toothbrush phenomenon.


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