Episode 22

  • Vicki visits Canterbury, can’t find bacon and is annoyed by the niceness and unicorns.
  • We discuss the benefits of living in a Nuclear S.H.U.B.
  • We lament the delay of the upcoming In Colour episode: “This just in: Snow equals death!”
  • Vicki is too lazy/scared to get out of bed to confront intruders.
  • We use ‘the drone’ to announce that we’ve made twice as many episodes as Cop Rock.
  • Vicki makes Harry Potter references to herself. No one around to hear my jokes, eh? Better be…crazy!
  • Ben mistakes Chris Hanson for Chris Harrison and unfortunately has to bring up the subject of The Bachelor again.
  • Vicki likes camping…and nothing else.
  • Celebrity heads: “So that narrows it down to Lassie and Milo and Otis for you”.
  • Ben follows the Grill’d van and ends up at Vanstock.
  • We pitch our idea for the new reality series, Be grilled by Bear Grylls.
  • The school bus is forced to circle a set radius due to its 20 minutes from here sign.
  • Vicki coins the term ‘verbo’, causing us to make several of them.
  • Mad Men brings “You’re a button”, back into our lexicon.
  • Vicki squishes Ben against the kitchen counter and forces him to tell her he loves her.
  • We ponder Beck and T-Pain’s full name’s and hypothesise T-Pain’s really a robot.
  • Ranger Vicki: “Thank god for this list you made me take, anal story mum.”
  • Hamish and Andy are scared off after stealing our toilet door sign chat topic.
  • We reminisce about The Big KFC Heist™and we discuss which end of the Twister you open.
  • Taco chat: Someone else makes us tacos, Ben orders the wrong thing from the Mexican restaurant and Mexi-burns Vicki.
  • “Are people ever nice to you because they think you’re dying.”
  • Vicki’s hypotheticals: Ben reveals Vicki isn’t his best friend in an awkward moment and we chat to ‘T-Pain the time travelling robot’.
  • Craigs segment: “You can’t unbang, what’s been bung!”
  • PTWSIG: “That’s the sound of Google bearing down on you.”
  • Kirsten’s new song finishes up the episode for us.


Kirsten Moore & Kehinde – We’re Alright (Music Video)

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