Episode 28

  • Ben runs into an old friend and doesn’t introduce Vicki.
  • We sort out the rules of baby dating.
  • Ben pretends to be a man.
  • Ben’s grandpa is a witch doctor…or at least blew up his face one time.
  • Vicki questions all her life decisions and nearly pee’s herself on a tram.
  • Vicki breaks things out of anger.
  • Vicki’s students are incredibly boring.
  • Vicki loves the Red Ranger.
  • Vicki doesn’t think earthquakes and radiation are that dangerous.
  • A New Zealander eats Vicki’s ham and it’s all downhill from there.
  • Ben makes an emergency call to the Dodo hotline.
  • Ranger Vicki barktates this week’s double Vicki from a tightrope.
  • Message in a time warp enjoys a good bestiality joke.
  • 2 Minute Movie reviews: Ben uncovers the ridiculous corn related plot of Unknown.
  • Zen PTWSIG: Flamin’ werewolves!
  • The Insane Ramblings twitterer doesn’t give a fuck.


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