Episode 29

  • We bring back beat time.
  • Vicki visits the Alcatraz E.R and gets the alcohol filled syringes scared out of her.
  • We visit the Shanghai dumpling house and get phantom vibration and have Happy Birthday sung to us every ten minutes.
  • Ben chastises the iPhone for its lazy snooze function.
  • We get stuck in the daylight savings black hole.
  • Ranger Vicki gives birth to (or steals) a dog.
  • We experiment with gene splicing and create a capybara. Then we breed some Angler fish till they’re nothing but balls.
  • Ben guesses the flavour of Popsicle through the packet in Craigs segment.
  • Vicki sticks her finger up a weird looking celebrity nose.
  • Ben orders the double, double, animal style and prays he doesn’t get a couple of newborn puppies.
  • Vicki drives a dumb promo girl home to her general vicinity.
  • Ben doesn’t know how to answer ‘How are you?’ and just awkwardly stares at you.
  • Vicki’s hypothetical’s show us a future where Canadian football teams each get their mascot as an extra player.
  • Ben’s grandpa wasn’t actually a witch doctor and why Vicki and Natasha need a reverse curse.
  • Some couple hits more natural disasters than Vicki.
  • Message in a Time Warp: Phyllis Diller and fisting.
  • PTWSIG: We find out what Bert Newton’s Googling.
  • Vicki’s dad makes some outlandish claim about hating funerals and provides some much needed dating advice.


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