Episode 30

  • We attempt to auto-tune the world and create an Insane Ramblings album of all our two second songs.
  • We kick off the Insane Ramblings glossary quiz: The Ottoman Empire and the before breakfast rule.
  • Vicki lives in a house of mirrors to defend herself against any super villains.
  • Japanese news reporters sign off with ‘I just told the news’ because ‘Away Seaboat’ was already taken.
  • Vicki starts the Japanese branch of planking and we uncover the origins of ‘the lying down game.’
  • We continue the Insane Ramblings glossary quiz: predictive sex.
  • Vicki really wants to date Ollie.
  • We flash forwrad to the future where Vicki is an old lady and Ben is 24.
  • Vicki drinks easy to digest water and we start a new campaign to bring grape flavoured confectionery to Australia.
  • We flashback to a dramatic deleted scene from Insane Ramblings’ past.
  • We continue the glossary quiz: aquanym’s, pelvis breaker, filth and the yaksis of evil.
  • We look back on some of the episode titles that almsot made it.
  • We invest in some Necomimi headgear and Honda legs.
  • We discuss the cornerstones of the middle ages: dragons, swords and incest.
  • We celebrate the fact that Birdemic is getting a long awaited sequel.
  • Ranger Vicki goes to veterinary dental school to save toothless dogs from having to live a life of making baby food.
  • Craigs segment is presented by a guy who doesn’t know the word ‘kittens’.
  • We try to ‘Save the situation’ in our new segment.


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