Episode 31

  • Vicki plans her own murder and may be planning to kill Ben and/or her mail.
  • Vicki suffers from a mild case of spooky house.
  • Vicki makes Ben list the manly things he’s done.
  • The Internet makes lies bigger and better much like those magicians who reveal their magic tricks.
  • We turned to Brendan.com to pick Vicki’s perfect man and Ben’s potential new best friend.
  • Vicki breaks (a.k.a kills) things in her house.
  • Vicki’s friend is an awesome killer. As in they killed a potentially awesome situation, not an expert hitman…
  • Ben doesn’t understand lenseless glasses.
  • Ben’s been seeing other podcasts.
  • Kirsty ACTUALLY saw someone walking a chicken.
  • Ranger Vicki models her new hedgehog helmet and matching panties.


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