Episode 33

  • We don’t like talking on the toilet.
  • Vicki lives with a Japanese MacGuyver ninja.
  • Vicki runs out of small talk and has to pretend to be a mermaid and invents narcolepsy.
  • Vicki releases some S&M mosquitoes into her bedroom and gets stuck in her ear.
  • We plot a time travelling vampire, talking moose movie set in Antarctica.
  • Vicki’s sandwich automatically updates to Bread 2.0.
  • Vicki launches Alphabetcast; the podcast where she opens cans of alphabet soup and reads them on air.
  • Ben steps on a raspberry and his spider sense starts tingling that Vicki may share the same fate.
  • Vicki falls for Lex Luthor’s trap and gets stuck inside a phone booth.
  • The Very Big Shenanigan, Super Pissed and Mr Beetlebop team up to insult a friend’s girlfriend.
  • Ranger Vicki and a cow return a lost wallet.
  • Craig’s Segment has a job opening. A sexy (and administrative) job opening.
  • Vicki can’t resist stalking cute dogs on Facebook and leering at the photos of their boobs.
  • Ben runs into a high school classmate on the train…he thinks…so he stalks her.
  • Japanese photo booths make for freaky eyed Westerners.


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