Episode 34

  • We call ourselves from the past, in 3D.
  • Vicki gets excited over Smell-o-vision.
  • We consider all the space in our memory taken up by theme songs instead of math.
  • We download the Lose Yourself monophonic ringtone to our Nokia 3310.
  • Ben tries to get out of his partner’s family gathering.
  • Vicki marries someone who’s afraid of spiders and is forced to move next to a swinging exterminator.
  • We go to anger management for our Mr Bean issues.
  • Ben gets the nickname coffee guy because his friends are too nice.
  • Ranger Vicki humps some beer bottles to death.
  • Jazz Nyan cat classes up the show a bit.
  • There’s a pizza size burger in Japan and Rudolf would be the perfect ambassador.
  • We grind some elves feet to make some Christmas eggnog.
  • Craigs segment has an excess of pope hats to be used as possible ladybug enclosures.
  • Ben dreams of a sitcom world with realistic laugh tracks.


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