Episode 37

  • Vicki needs no introduction and is looking at a Hello Kitty money box.
  • We discuss long distance relationships and Ben’s miraculous conception.
  • Ben gets a weird voice mail message and the Blue Man Group steal his kidney.
  • Ben multitasks like a pro as he has a job interview on the toilet.
  • Vicki runs cross country needing to pee the whole time.
  • Ben dresses like a Jedi joker is then sold out by his job interview partner.
  • Vicki hates injustice, exaggeratory news articles about things she remembers and the American way.
  • Ranger Vicki spends 500 million dollars on a shrimp and Ferris wheel based experiment to try and protect some bats.
  • We reminisce about our University days of heckling guest lecturers.
  • Monsters Inc is to Vicki as dolphinplasty is to Ben.
  • What’s My Story explores the true fears of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, unmasks our secret X-Men identities and discovers Vicki invented calculus.
  • Donald Glover stole Ben’s joke several years before he came up with it.
  • We ‘SUFFER!’ as we reminisce about Australian TV in the 90s, from Push Pops to Dino Riders.
  • What’s My Story continues as a confused strip-a-gram fines a taxi driver for wearing a 100% woolen outfit.
  • Hard rubbish collection is making the streets looking like a 90s lounge room.


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