Episode 38

  • Ben enjoys a slightly forced Meet My Folks style montage.
  • We get Taken Out and James Kerley makes fun out us.
  • Ben and Alex make sparkle bombs and Vicki is unimpressed.
  • Vicki calls Ben a piker and a jerk for over an hour.
  • Ben walks into the hall of mirrors and stumbles across too much penis.
  • Ben goes on an excursion and defeats the Milkman, then recommends a good place to milk a goat.
  • Ben owes Alex $50 worth of bread in the year 2030 because of a raspberry related bet.
  • We recap our 2011 predictions and apparently chameleons are more popular than Ben expected.
  • We make some predictions for 2012 and Vicki is no longer in love with Rodger Corser.
  • Vicki’s friend gets attacked by a giant Jaguar…statue.
  • Someone draws a giant penis on a porcelain cat statue.
  • Vicki decorates a ‘Leary penis Santa’ cookie.


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