Episode 39

  • We each independently shoot a man in Reno for kicks and weird experiments.
  • Scientists passively set up the Bunsen burner and confuse Ben.
  • We replace all doors with pictures of doors/women in protest of the alarming doorless urinal trend.
  • Ben’s dad cries underwhelming wolf and subsequently the house is flooded.
  • We invent the kissophone to make out long distance.
  • Everyone waits with bated breasts as we make our forgotten prediction of 2012.
  • We hold an impromptu Canadian geography lesson and recite the little known verses of the Australian National Anthem.
  • We slowly walk away from the camera while our theme music plays in one of our most obscure references ever.
  • We discover the inspiration for Cop Rock and other things that don’t go well with Randy Newman.
  • Ben gets something stuck in his teeth and then turns off his computer when he meant to turn it on.
  • A budgie interrupts the show just as the Bungie Finger Pointer strikes!
  • We play What’s My Story in which we steal a lawnmower with our fake penis.
  • We dig up two stories about famous and potentially haunted toasters.
  • Ben violates the designated door holding zone rules.
  • Vicki’s dad looks like Robbie Williams. Skin on or skin off?


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