Episode 40

  • Vicki is coming home and going to stab Ben in the head. Pysche!
  • We order Where’s Wally and get free space ice-cream (ie. Heroin Lite™).
  • Ben may have whimpered last episode and Vicki has freak hearing.
  • Ben rescues an unappreciative frog Vicki pitches the idea for Frog Squatters the TV show.
  • Ben still doesn’t have a ‘usual’ and Vicki has a coffee family that gives her advice.
  • An old woman watches Ben eat and it’s weird.
  • Vicki punts her coffee across the train tracks and gentlemen everywhere sign up for the Vicki Smith experience.
  • We congratulate Vicki on the assumed birth of her possible child, Lonely Smith.
  • We make a wish, update our status from the grave and have pee battles in What’s My Story?
  • Ranger Vicki fends off wild animals with household objects.
  • We once again fail to understand imperial measurements and bust through a wall in Craigs Segment. Oh yeah!


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