Episode 41

  • We set spy cameras on people with bad SMSiquette.
  • We send group e-mails masquerading as a personalised letter.
  • We discover why long distance relationships worked better in the old days and craft the perfect sick day excuse.
  • Ben starts a new comfortable clothes initiative and Vicki hates massage chairs.
  • Ben has cool office envy and Vicki used to work with lions.
  • Ben pitches the ambient office sounds CD and wants to work at Google.
  • Ben got called out on walking away from a guy so he didn’t have to make small talk.
  • We ask ‘What’s up?’ after going on a date to see mimes at a bondage club.
  • Ben sits through the most awkward silence of his life.
  • Ben thinks people who reverse into car parks are showing off.
  • Yeah, I’m taking a dump. And I’m getting paid for it! What up!
  • Kindergarten teachers are too easy on children when playing hide and seek.
  • We make assumptions about goats and substitute teachers in What’s My Story?
  • Vicki’s Japanese teacher is reading her diary.
  • What’s My Story continues with ghost goats and we question Harry Potters sanity.
  • Ben’s grandpa should retitle his autobiography ‘Tropical Judge’
  • Ben’s time travelling distant relatives are here to stay Amazon is now ensuring their books are cocainey fresh.
  • Craigs Segment helps locate a partially digested jewellery wearing pig.


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