Tokyo Slumber Party: Day One

  • Vicki now has an American accent.
  • Cults are forgetting to paint their toenails and we hate sucky massages.
  • We come up with some terrible analogies on how to describe Ben’s nationality.
  • Ben watches an hours’ worth of child rearing.
  • Middle Eastern Lisbeth Salander almost crashes Ben’s plane.
  • Australian’s don’t want to talk to people in public.
  • Ben gets trapped by the pee schedules of others.
  • Vicki’s song with her ex-boyfriend is Ushers’ ‘Yeah’.
  • Ben can’t sleep on the plane and Vicki is forced to watch the dinner menu for forty five minutes.
  • Ben buys some CalorieMate in an attempt to level up.
  • We take a temperature accurate Japanese shower.

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