Tokyo Slumber Party: Day Two

  • Ben’s late night slumber party voice sounds like Richard Mercer.
  • Vicki wants to rename the show or her rock band to ‘Insane Sleeping Bags: Tokyo Edition’.
  • We recall the great speeches from history that were given from inside sleeping bags.
  • Ben invents a new game in Vicki’s room.
  • Ben and Vicki both have two emotions each.
  • Our English teacher asks her husband what he’s thinking, for the last time ever.
  • Vicki’s been mentally trying to deconstruct her friend’s girlfriend’s name for years.
  • Ben wakes up with a massive thigh cramp and girly screams about it.
  • Sir Francis Drake discovers a ghost in our closet and we pitch the show to the Discovery Channel.
  • Nostradamus time travels to invent Magic Eye and shimmies towards a cure for AIDS.
  • A ski instructor rips off Vicki’s clothes and it’s unfortunately less sexy than it sounds.
  • Ben blocks the sun in Vicki’s closet, ala Mr Burns.
  • Vicki hides her tree in a forest.
  • Ben’s ticket runs out of batteries and Bob loses his concert ticket.
  • Vicki has a hidden watch somewhere that beeps regularly to annoy her.
  • Ben goes to Shibuya and expects to battle a group of thugs.

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