Tokyo Slumber Party: Day Four

  • We dissect the wig on a stick based scares of The Grudge.
  • Vicki thinks her eyebrow was stolen and tries to steal a puzzle one piece at a time.
  • Several maids start a café in our house and then stab us to death.
  • Ben’s fortune cookie entitles him to some sweet discounts.
  • Ben wastes his one Valentine’s skill tester win on Vicki.
  • We chase an escaping well dressed baby.
  • We face off against Batman’s latest arch nemesis ‘Toothpaste’.
  • We re-enact a Listerine commercial and Ben’s mate is too minty.
  • Lingering hovering dad gives off an annoying low frequency hum.
  • Ben tests the Japanese super toilet.
  • Vicki paves paradise and Ben puts up with her.


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