Episode 42

  • Vicki invites her cryptographer friends and CSI’s Grissom to her wedding.
  • Vicki invites Ben to her baptism. Ben declines and starts his own religion.
  • Ex-Prime Minister John Howard and actor John Howard switch bodies in some kind of Brady Brunch/Freaky Friday scenario.
  • Ben wants to pull a David Blaine and live in his pool for two weeks.
  • We had a conversation referencing both Cameron Daddo and Brooke Satchwell and now they’re both on Packed to the Rafters this season. Coincidence?
  • Ben is too fat for Japan’s hybrid go-karts.
  • Ben gets trapped on a Ferris wheel and is traumatised for life.
  • We visit Alcatraz E.R and Vicki screams in Japanese.
  • The Japanese get Ben to agree to changing his name to Benjaminarm.
  • Ben and Vicki get lured to their friends house under false pretences and Vicki discovers her dad used to cage fight.
  • We pose a baked goods hipster based hypothetical.
  • What’s My Story investigates drunken car washes, sex and cheeseburgers.


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