Episode 44

  • Vicki calls a psychic sex line and racks up a massive phone bill.
  • We act out at Melbourne’s public transport system by angrily eating peanuts and get a round of applause.
  • We discover we have the same go to “We’re mooses eh” line when we need to speak Canadian.
  • Vicki plans to go to the University administrator’s office to abuse R2D2.
  • Ben takes a break mid party to read silently.
  • We reminisce about our school sex ed experiences and propose a musical hazmat clad team to teach kids about sex.
  • Alanis Morissette teaches Vicki the F-word and Ben is taught the censored version of ‘You Ought to Know’ by the boogie man.
  • Ben’s perfect relationship involves him rarely seeing his girlfriend.
  • Ben can’t take Vicki’s proposal seriously and Vicki explains her marriage backup plans.
  • Vicki’s clothes blow away on the beach.
  • We flashback to Ben’s Beats FM days as teenage DJ ‘Mix Master Moore’.
  • We reminisce about some of our favourite podcast moments from the past three years and Alex gets recognised from the In Colour videos.
  • Ben keeps getting into weird bathroom situations with strangers.


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