Episode 47

  • We decide a fist pump is a single man’s high five.
  • Vicki dates Peter Pan for the story.
  • Vicki is creating twist tie pony legs to put in the bed of her enemies.
  • Ben wonders how cobblers are staying in business.
  • We pitch our idea for Nombres’, the Mexican version of Numbers.
  • We make time for an interlude to get dirt on Ben’s bed, laugh water out our nose and pronounce the word ‘boot’.
  • A young Ben flips off an elderly woman and subsequently starts a drag race.
  • Vicki fails at Morse code and Ben shoots himself in the face.
  • Ben witness’s fruit being eaten off the ground is scarred for life by his kindergarten class.
  • Vicki’s dad is about to become Radioactive Man, knows Jeff Jones and pulls an elaborate prank on his co-worker.
  • Ben kidnaps himself in the middle of the night with disappointing results.
  • Ranger Vicki tells us about scientists cruising for chicks in the most dangerous place in the world.
  • Craigs Segment introduces us to one pimpin’ goldfish.
  • What’s My Story investigates Jesus sharks, absorbed twins, ten inch tuna, sleepy rats and smart fish.
  • Ben shares his podcast related dream in the court of after show.
  • Vicki is confused by some time sensitive socks.


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