Episode 48

  • We ponder the similarities between heaven and a bouncy castle.
  • The E3 booth babes are forced to bounce all day and love Footloose.
  • We explore the black market Slip ‘n Slide industry.
  • We announce The Propshowsal is a-go-sal and discuss what this means for Insane Rambling.
  • Vicki fashion ‘air gills’ to allow her to breath on land.
  • We invent Freaky Friday Night Sports and train horses to ride jockey.
  • Ben thinks whaling sounds like fun.
  • We head to Melbourne’s rock and roll hotspot for a round of Uno.
  • Ranger Vicki informs us of the uncut version of A Bugs Life with more exploding heads.
  • Craigs Segment seeks a star turtle.
  • We review some YouTube commenter feedback and discuss the wheelchair bound Disneyland visitors.
  • We clarify our previous statements on Fifty Shades of Grey and dropping the c-bomb.
  • We wish our arch nemesis a crappy Birthday.
    – Vicki’s attractive uncle swindles a few entrepreneurs out of their tent designs.
  • We discuss which daytime talk show host we’d most like to discover was our long lost sibling.
  • We unearth some Bulgarian vampires, get fined for checking out a hot chick and turn our dead cat into a helicopter in What’s My Story?
  • Ben feels betrayed by The Flight of the Conchords and their lies.


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