Propshowsal 2

  • We ponder what we can spend our giant Syn signing bonuses on.
  • Vicki proposes we need Steve Buscemi as the new Doctor on Grey’s Anatomy.
  • We dispense some Syntelligence to the younger listeners of Syn and propose a scavenger hunt setup to busy ourselves during phone calls.
  • Vicki proposes we standardize couch heights.
  • Ben proposes don’t call your business something that could be awkward to ‘like’ on Facebook.
  • Syn City – Episode 2: Blood soaked propositions.
  • Ben explains the inspiration behind this weeks Syn City stalker.
  • Celebrity heads: Vicki gets stuck on couch height questions.
  • Ben proposes the rules of armrest etiquette to help prevent arm wars, when two body builders sit next to each other in the cinema.
  • We air our grievances with each other and Ben demands the $10 he won.
  • Vicki proposes marriage to Ben in hopes he will inherit half of the $10 debt she owes him.


Track list

Banana Phone (Fast Version)
Toto – Rosanna
Skyhooks – Balwyn Calling
Ben Folds Five – Rockin The Suburbs
Green Day – Jesus Of Suburbia
Vanessa Carlton – 1000 Miles
Bob Evans – Nowhere Without You
Muphin – Tribute To Eltham
Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

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