Propshowsal 5

  • We kickstart the show by covering the studio in plastic, Dexter style and discuss Vicki’s Kryptonian fathers’ lame Alka-Seltzer based abilities
  • Ben’s new leather jacket helps him pose as The O.C’s Ryan Atwood and he covers his sleeping bag to keep the water in.
  • Vicki uses five minutes of rain sounds to help her get to sleep and Ben uses the Red Hot Pie dating site commercials.
  • Ben holds a sound effects version of American Idol.
  • Vicki proposes the theory that there’s a Bert and Ernie in every relationship.
  • Syn City – Episode 5: Sexy propositions.
  • Celebrity heads establishes who they are not.
  • Ben proposes the best way for the new Big Brother contestant’s to reveal their secret fear of birds is by using the pony/mouse principal.


Track list

Rain sound for better sleep
NHL Arena
Waves beach sound
Hercules C-130 Cockpit With Air Traffic
Eels – That Look You Give That Guy

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