Propshowsal 11

  • Our big finale episode gets bumped forward a week due to some non-descript testing/fumigation but at least we lasted longer than Doug Mulray.
  • Vicki proposes an untelevised reality show ‘The Amazing Mole Race on Ice’.
  • Vicki finally brings us her long promised 2 minute movie review.
  • Syn City – Episode 11: The final proposal.
  • Ben proposes that comedians are giving him hurt feelings when they lie to him.
  • We reminisce about Cow Chat and some of our other favourite moments as we wrap up the first season of The Propshowsal and make one last proposal


Track list

Finders Keepers – Down the Rabbit Hole
The Strokes – Someday
Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension
Regina Spektor & The Strokes – Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men
Foo Fighters & Sekiden – Generator/Avec Moi [Mashup]

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