Episode 49

  • Vicki unearths the archaeological dig that is her bag.
  • We go trick-or-treating and psychologically ruin someone’s life.
  • We develop a subconscious pack mentality and refuse to dress up as Mexicans.
  • We paint the ceiling of the Urban Dictionary head offices.
  • Our hot girlfriend attends our Star Wars party, dressed as Jabba the Hutt.
  • Ben’s refuses to spend more than $5 on fake weaponry out of protest (and cheapness) and regrets his decision.
  • We make a quick trip to ALDI for some off brand Cornflakes and a flute.
  • We paint ourselves red for the purpose of dance competitions and TV extras.
  • We discuss future Halloween costume ideas, which may include; each other, emails, a socially awkward banana and Mr Tumnus.
  • Larry Emdur is the highlight of Vicki’s unemployment and is lucky to not be stuck at reception.
  • Alex eats a Berocca tablet for Ben’s amusement.
  • Vicki’s friend is a V8 juice jerk.
  • Cordial people have scarred Ben for life.
  • Vicki decides to become a famous ‘knoll’ photographer.
  • We pitch competing faun based game shows.
  • Vicki’s Japanese friend is burdened with the task of discovering fish immortality.
  • Vicki somehow dreams of a life worse than hers.
  • Aziz Ansari visits Melbourne but don’t stop reading – he knows Kanye West!


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