Episode 50

  • Vicki is impressed by the people who edit clip shows and commercials.
  • Ben watches Neighbours from the womb and absorbs Jerry his twin brother.
  • China is monitoring our podcast for counter terrorism purposes.
  • We relive some insignificant moments in Insane Ramblings history.
  • Ben’s family watches old VHS’s of The Glasshouse and join The Shower Club.
  • Vicki gets her drivers license and gets the traditional gift of a picnic rug.
  • Ranger Vicki investigates a slightly large crayfish.
  • We get dumped for a big cat and start a website to discredit them.
  • We record our dreams and awkwardly watch sex scenes with our family.
  • Ben and Vicki recall memories that the Internet has forgotten.
  • We listen to Love Song Dedications and ponder how radio has damaged Richard Mercer.
  • Craigs Segment investigates a demon gypsy couch.
  • We see bush and enjoy the naked news in Message in a Time Warp.
  • We chill out with a classic in a ZPTWSIG flashback.
  • The Insane Ramblings twitterer has gained (slightly) more of a following.
  • We lick some cathedrals and preemptively report on it in What’s My Story?


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