Episode 51

  • We Wikipedia Guy Fawkes Day and discover that it was started by bored hippies who couldn’t wait for burning man.
  • Ben’s family re-enacts The Elephant Man for the holidays and releases Bradley Cooper from his prison.
  • We buy our relatives gifts we know they won’t want.
  • The Queen commands her army of ants to slowly amass little pieces of chocolate.
  • Vicki feels that Canada is less of a colony than Australia.
  • Ben orders a sausage and egg McLovin’ and finds fifty dollars.
  • We countdown the top three reasons why Insane Ramblings will be awesome in 2013.
  • We pay off on our 2012 predictions and make some new predictions for the New Year and do duelling Effie Trinket impressions.
  • Ben gets caught by the paparazzi and we are unsure of the age on the Install a Rheem commercial.
  • The house next to Vicki’s is broken into and Vicki re-enacts Home Alone.


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