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  • Ben’s fascination with signage makes him ponder the height of urinals and what do to with his unwanted gold.
  • Coldplay’s Chris Martin is now working for Ikea.
  • Vicki listens to Hamish and Andy’s subway song to salve her wounds.
  • Mason reveals how deep him obsession with Ben and Vicki goes.
  • We relive some traumatic memories in our ‘Two minute job reviews’ segment.
  • The Golden Globes reveals that James Cameron is a jerk and Vicki is uninterested in Stephen Silvagni’s playbook.
  • We spend $2100 to dump Lindsay Lohan in front of our friends and then make her paint our fence.
  • Ben observes the mating habits of spiders and it turns out they don’t duplicate like Borg.
  • We desex a hooker in a police station.
  • We reminisce about the Syn studio and say goodbye before it’s upgrade.

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