Get Cereal 4

  • Ben goes to bed early, sleeps for ten minutes and then freaks the hell out!
  • We encourage only royalty and warlords to listen to the show in order to avoid injury.
  • We discuss tales of our suburban badassery while we join a travelator gang and download files like the world’s worst spies.
  • Weezer tricks Vicki into having daddy issues.
  • A well-dressed and sweet smelling criminal goes on a crime spree.
  • We pose the age-old question ‘what do you prefer, a whipping or a pun?’ and Australian Santa steals a chicken schnitzel’s for the bogans pulling his sleigh.
  • Ben Folds presents the keynote speech at this year’s Ben Fancier’s Appreciation Society and we receive our VCE results via Ouija board.
  • The citizens of Civilization are impressed by the overnight renovations of their entire city.
  • We call up bird radio and request some albatross sounds.
  • We visit a cuddle club to rest our head on some Japanese asses.
  • We brazenly invite our virtual girlfriend to our wedding.

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