Get Cereal 5

  • We jump on some mattresses’ and take it very seriously.
  • We run low on battery and risk having to go a Capella.
  • We play rock paper scissors over who gets the best part of the unicorn.
  • A British landlord doesn’t want to confuse his overabundance of pork with that of his tenants.
  • Teenage Ben goes on a power trip and ruins his chance with women.
  • High school ruins Vicki’s attention span so she proposes eight hour classes and child labour.
  • Fast food chain Subway has bread a race of half cat, half people (aka. ‘People cats’) that refuse to tessellate their cheese.
  • We play another round of One, True, Three and Ben is almost denied entry into the country for not being able to identify the smell of eucalyptus.
  • Mason is slashed in the face and defies physics to kick someone in the face.
  • Vicki’s father goes on the lamb and becomes the inspiration for the movie Babe.
  • We quiz each other to recap the week’s sleep deprived madness.

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