Planet of the Apes 1

  • Ben spent high school playing video games and reading comics. How times have changed…
  • Schools are teaching kids to be less creative so NASA should recruit more kindergarten students.
  • A very insightful group of first graders teach us that you’re ‘better late than pregnant.’
  • Vicki gurkles her way to an F in onomatopoeia.
  • We get bored and start self-medicating because that probably means we have ADHD.
  • We encourage everyone who doesn’t know what they want to be, to become a firefighter.


Track list

System of a Down – Old School Holywood
Danko Jones – Still In High School
Puddle Of Mudd – Stoned
Sum 41 – In Too Deep
Danko Jones – Heartbreak’s a Blessing
Asian Dub Foundation – Awake / Asleep
Delerium ft. Jael – Lost And Found
Sublime – Garden Grove

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