Planet of the Apes 2

  • Ben stalks his enemies on Facebook and Marketa chases some bulls.
  • Ben resurrects Vicki from a lethal mousetrap related death.
  • We decide playing video games about tar are much more educational than our high school curriculum.
  • We learn an interesting stereotype about cello players and consider potential roller derby names.
  • Ben is forced to take photos of rocks and manhole covers.
  • We take part in some competitive mooing and call our friends so they can witness our televised waving.
  • Young Vicki gets dressed up to win an enormous supply of diapers.


Track list

Stereo MCs – Sunny Day
Finger Eleven – Other Light
The Presets – Ghosts
Nine Inch Nails – Sunspots
Sons of Rico – I’m Not Thinking About You
Pyramid – Black Road

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